Church Life

Grace Church operates with a strong committee structure..Each committee meets regularly and plans for the activities of the Church. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the Chair.

Christian Education
Responsible for all education within the congregation, including Confirmation, Sunday School, and Adult Education.
Contact Laurie Parks, chair

Responsible for managing and awarding grants for the Endowment Fund of Grace
Contact Todd Bradshaw, chair

Responsible for outreach into the community and college as well as with the Synod and ELCA.
Contact , chair

Responsible for planning and organizing events for congregational members.
Contact , chair

Prepares the budget and manages the finances of the church.
Contact Luther Olsen, Chair

Men of Grace
Invites ALL men to participate in current activities being sponsored to help the Church Youth and fundraiser opportunities.
Contact Doug Pinnow, Chair

Responsible for managing the employees of the church.
Contact Joan Wade, Chair

Grace Preschool
Providing quality caring play-based education for children 2 1/2- 4 years old. Also partnering with Ripon School District to provide 4K classroom.
Contact Sue Mokler, Chair

Oversee and maintain all property belonging to the Church by giving direction to needed repairs and/or refurbishments.
Contact Herm Leitz, Chair

Purchase gift cards to support programs at Grace.
Contact Sue Mokler, RaiseRight Coordinator

Sharing Table
Offers a community meal every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Grace.

We are now participating with other churches in Ripon to provide a meal every Tuesday of every month!!
Contact Herm Leitz or Lisa Jorgenson

Social Concerns
To assist our congregation in addressing the social, economic and emotional needs of the church and community.
Contact , Steve Hollenbeck, Chair

To make people aware of their resources—their time, talents, and treasures.
Contact Paul Veleke, Chair

Responsible for monitoring, upgrading, and maintaining the technology of the church.
Contact Sue Mokler, Chair

Women of Grace
Invites ALL women to participate in current Bible Study groups, Circles, Serving Groups, Lutheran World Relief Projects, Conferences and Conventions.
Contact Sheri Bradshaw, Chair

Worship Committee
Plan, schedule, and coordinate all worship and special services
Contact Curt Belau, Chair